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13 August 2012


It's a fact: I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I love it for decorating, clothing, food, hair, and crafting ideas; but I also love it for teaching ideas. There are an abundance of teaching ideas on the internet, which can be daunting to sift through. However, looking through Pinterest is fun (right?!?!), so it doesn't seem like "work," when looking for new teaching ideas. For ESL teaching, I sometimes gloss over the non-language learning material on other websites, but when it's on Pinterest, it is totally relevant to my teaching (I realize this is all mental and only because I love the site so much).

I just found a link (from Pinterest, of course) that has great ideas for using foldables in reading, social studies, language arts, and math. Some of my favorite pre-, during, and post-reading activities are also on here, and I admit, I never thought about using foldables for old standbys, such as "Somebody, Wanted, But, So" and "Know, Want to know, Learned (KWL)." ESL teachers could also use these for verbs (present, past, participle) in grammar class. The possibilities are endless. I'm here on Pinterest, with lots of boards, which I add to daily!

I have a couple days away from the office before I am back for planning week. Before I know it, students will be back on campus, and I will be back in the classroom. But not before a small (and deserved, if I do say so myself) break.