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24 October 2012

The Choice

Have any of you been following the NYTimes blog, The Choice? It discusses college admissions in the US. For The Envelope, Please , eight high school students from around the world blog about their college search process. Students hail from the United States, South Africa, and India. How fascinating to read about their thought processes and what goes into their decision making! If you haven't taken a look at this yet, I highly suggest it, especially for those in higher education. 

The Choice - Getting into College and Paying for it

How cool would it be for students to read these and compare/contrast their college search? I think reading about the process for American students would add an interesting cultural aspect to any class.  ESL high school teachers could assign students to create their own blogs about their own experiences and processes. Teachers of higher education may ask students to blog first about what they went through and then what they are going through in their first years in college (or graduate school or the current university). Has anybody used blogs in the classroom? I have tried, unsuccessfully; however, this has inspired me to give it another go next semester!