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11 April 2013

End-of-Semester Crunch Time

Our semester at CMU is winding down: we have two more weeks of lessons and then exam week. I always find myself feeling short of time and pressured to finished everything that the students need to know before moving on. No matter how hard I try to evenly distribute the course objectives over the course of the semester, without fail I have to "speed teach" some of the remaining lessons. I'm currently doing that right now with my grammar classes. Does anybody else feel this way? 

I once heard a good tip: don't teach anything new on the last day of class. This day should be used for reflection, review, and application of lessons already learned. While it's tempting to scrunch in new information in on that last day before the exam, it's better not to! Students won't have time to work through the information, ask questions, and really master the content. They will gain more from reviewing, applying, and reflecting on what they've already learned. Do you have any tips for the end of the semester crunch?