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21 October 2013

It's been quite a long time!

Hello all! I apologize for the long delay in writing. I've been accused of being an "ebb and flow" blogger, and I guess that is correct! Teaching, traveling, learning, and life in general have gotten in the way of my blogging (and tweeting). To make up for lost time, over the next couple of weeks I will do my best to update you on where I've been and what I've been doing.

Currently, I am working on a post about student reflections on the Special Olympics and service learning , which I promised to you ages ago (remember this post about the planning and this one about the event?).  I will also post some fun links and action-packed activities to keep students engaged and motivated to learn. 

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P.S. How is your semester going? Mine is great and busy! I'm teaching two reading and writing courses, which means I'm never out of reading material :-) What are you teaching this semester? What have you been focusing on in your classes? Are you trying out new material? I'd love to hear about i!